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The Life Crafts Method

Life Crafts is about shifting the paradigm for working mothers. We positively disrupt status quo systems and create new pathways for lasting change to better self, family, and career.

Using powerful questions and deep conversation, we will:

on what’s happening right NOW in your life,

what YOU want to happen next,

the gap from the present to the future and...

to realize your goals!

Life Crafts Coaching uses your present to build your future!

I love that it’s about the “now”, and the coaching framework provides support and accountability that enables a client to achieve radical change across many areas of their life.

Coaching isn’t therapy. The therapeutic relationship is directive and one way. It explores past trauma with defined guidelines for healing. The coaching relationship is a co-creative partnership. Coach and client work together to identify the client’s current challenges and turn them into victories.

As your coach I’m invested in your success and believe that you hold the answers within yourself. My job is to help you identify those answers and stand with you when you apply them to obstacles you may face.

Coaching Packages

Life Crafts Transformation Tool Kits

1:1 Coaching — Personal Coaching

Through simple exercises and deep thinking, you will get the opportunity to align your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and words with your actions, work, family, friends and community.

Working 1:1 in tele sessions we will identify your goals, obstacles getting in your way, what motivates you, and how to push through what is holding you back.

Pricing Based upon client evaluation and consultation. For more information email:

Life Crafts Working Mother Group

Group Coaching for Working Mothers

Group Coaching group for working mothers across complimentary disciplines to discuss personal and business challenges and create a community of support and action.

Groups forming soon — For more information email:

Life Crafts Female Entrepreneur Mastermind Group

Female Entrepreneur Mastermind Group

This Mastermind Group is for female entrepreneurs, and offers a safe space for brainstorming, peer accountability, and support to sharpen business and personal skills. The group is curated via an application process.

Groups forming soon — For more information email:

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